Indoor or outdoor, right where you need it security.

  • Do you want more than just a standard alarm system?
  • Do you want to see what is happening on your site or at home in the event of an alarm?

If so then Videofied is the product for you. With Videofied you can have internal and external detectors connected to your system that record live video footage to our professional grade A1 control room as it is happening.

This allows us to have law enforcement dispatched whilst the intruders are still on site, giving us (and you!) a much better chance of capture. This system can also be armed and disarmed remotely via an app on your smartphone, giving you the freedom to have complete control of your security anywhere, any time.

This is a complete wireless system so it is great for the short term lease of a new site or the hard to cable site. Leaving no wires and no damage to your site at all, and best of all you can take it to your next site and it will be instantly operational with minimal fuss.

If you would like more information please give us a call now on 0409 784 399 or email us at